Even just a sentence from Scripture

At some point in life, your mental faculties may decline into dementia of one form or another. Or a head injury suffered in an accident may leave you in a vegetative state. Or, whatever the cause, you may be at the brink of death. Certainly Jesus will be with you if you have entrusted your life to his care. No one knows what will be transpiring in the deep recesses of your mind when, to the world, you are seemingly incapacitated. But the Scriptures you have memorized and re-memorized — even just a sentence – could become beacons of light in the jumbled mass. Deep in your subconscious, they may flower forth into an extra measure of holy serenity. Most importantly, in eternity, they will have a special place in the heart of God. (Excerpt from Art Toalston’s new eBook, When I Meditate.)