This book explores – and celebrates – prayer as a supernatural practice, a supernatural venture, created by a supernatural God. Key insights from Scripture, when enlivened by the Holy Spirit through memorization, re-memorization, and meditation, can foster ever-deepening experiences of “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” – the fruit of the Holy Spirit as noted in Galatians 5:22-23. There are Scripture verses that can help lift a person from emptiness, anger, fear, and worry amid turbulent times and troubled relationships. Moreover, there are Scripture verses that can make life ever more wholesome, dynamic, and attuned to God and his heart for all who are separated from him, whether next door or in any distant land.



This is a free resource, drawing from the vitality of Scripture, for use in churches and small groups and for individual study. Art Toalston gives permission for Your Soul on Scripture (see separate tab on this site), though protected by copyright, to be reproduced for participants in settings where it is used.


1) Small groups or discipleship programs in churches; home Bible studies; homeschool networks –settings where Bible-based resources like Your Soul on Scripture can be used by God to help transform people’s lives, enhance their prayer experiences, and empower their witness for Christ.

2) Christians who innately know that prayer can rightly encompass Scripture memorization/re-memorization and meditation as key elements of spiritual vitality. Your Soul on Scripture is a Scripture-based resource that can help make prayer a consistent, joyous venture in people’s lives.


Your Soul on Scripture is a resource on prayer, with a you-can-do-it approach to Bible study, Scripture memorization/re-memorization, and meditation that can used, perhaps as an nine-week course, for small groups or discipleship programs in churches, home Bible studies and homeschool settings or as a workbook for personal study.

Your Soul on Scripture can provide clear insight into how prayer drawn from Scripture memorization/re-memorization and meditation can become a life-changing, joyous facet of any Christian’s life. It need not be daunting or laborious. Your Soul on Scripture features a different theme in each session – supernatural God, new birth, worship, prayer, Christian living, hardships/worry, generosity, relationships, and witness – with five relevant Scripture passages (forty in all) from which people can begin developing a list of Scriptures they would like to memorize/re-memorize during the coming months/years.

Your Soul on Scripture includes 1) a simple methodology for examining each of the Scripture passages, which also can be used as a discussion guide in group settings; 2) a discussion question appendix encompassing each of the forty-five Scriptures; and 3) a “Quick Note” for each session providing instruction and encouragement toward enhancing the use of Scripture in daily life and in prayer. Your Soul on Scripture can be offered as a companion study for When I Meditate and Meditation & Morality.


(Prospective publishers are welcome to contact Art Toalston, Art is on the Internet at; Facebook,; and Twitter, – @arttoalston.)



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