with Art Toalston

This is a one-hour session utilizing Your Soul on Scripture by Art Toalston. See separate tab at this website for a description and full text of this Scripture-based resource for helping people experience times of prayer that are more precious, more powerful, and more plentiful. The one-hour session can be expanded into a more in-depth conference spanning two to three hours or a Friday evening/Saturday morning format.

The one-hour session will include:

* Testimony, 10 min.

Art Toalston recounts God’s transformation of his life, from new birth in Jesus to the use of Scripture by the Holy Spirit to shape his soul for ongoing redemption and to share it with others.

* Discussion in small groups, 20 min.

Participants will utilize the discussion questions in Your Soul on Scripture and its appendix to explore in small groups (three to five people optimally) the Scriptures for one of the nine core themes of the text – Supernatural God, New Birth, Worship, Prayer, Christian Living, Worry/Hardships, Stewardship, Relationships, and Witness.

* Expanded discussion, 20 min.

Art Toalston will lead a discussion with all attendees to review/summarize the various groups’ interaction with the Scriptures related to the text’s core themes.

* Call to faith & discipleship, 10 min.

Art Toalston will conclude the conference with an invitation to 1) embrace Christ in new birth and 2) delve into the power of Scripture to continually transform a person’s life.

Contact Art at 615-438-3332 or



“Pray As Never Before” Conference

with Art Toalston

Learn how prayer can become:

* More plentiful

* More precious

* More powerful

* More Scripture-centered

In times of crisis & times of joy

And in the everyday flow of life

In a “Pray As Never Before” Conference, Art Toalston encourages people to memorize just 1 Scripture, whether it might take weeks or months, to begin discovering the dynamic relationship between prayer and Scripture in drawing near to God.

Art has been memorizing and re-memorizing Scripture for more than 10 years. He looks forward to interactively describing how Scripture can enhance every other facet of prayer (praise, thanksgiving, confession, petition, and intercession) toward the Holy Spirit’s transformation of our minds and hearts.

In an interactive Q&A style, Art Toalston will dialogue with church members about key Scriptures he has memorized/re-memorized – “Scriptures that have changed my life through prayer and meditation.

2) Testimony & Conference (Sun. worship, 5-20 min. & Sun. afternoon conference, 1-2 hours)

In a Sunday morning brief testimony or a testimony/message, Art Toalston will set forth his experiences with various Scriptures he has memorized. After a church lunch, he will conduct a Your Soul on Scripture or a Pray As Never Before conference.

3) A Speech “Even an Idiot Can Give” (30 min.)

In an after-dinner type of speech for any church-wide outreach, Art Toalston will recount his journey from ill-equipped high school teacher to ill-fated political candidate to Christian journalist. (This could lead off a weekend Your Soul on Scripture or Pray As Never Before retreat for any age group, students to seniors.) Art will conclude by sharing his salvation experience and inviting non-Christians to faith in Christ.


— People will begin memorizing Galatians 5:22-23, the fruit of the Spirit.

— People will be awakened to the value of Scripture memorization, re-memorization, and meditation in their hearts and minds; in their relationships; in their witness for Christ; and in every facet of their lives.

— Christians will begin to overcome mistaken notions about Scripture memorization such as “I can hardly memorize anything” and “I always forget anything I’ve tried to memorize.”

— People will begin to consider which Bible passages, if memorized and re-memorized, could have a significant impact on their lives.

— People who have not yet embraced Christ as their Lord and Savior will be encouraged to do so as a result of seeing Scripture, and thus God Himself, as living and active.

— Christians will become better church members by beginning to memorize, re-memorize, and meditate on Scripture toward strengthening their readiness to be engaged in God’s mission through the church.

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